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    A great benefit in dealing with Bush, is the ability we have to offer our customers the unique feature of not only representing the industry's leading manufacturers, but also offering a diversified product selection to meet virtually all your needs in the areas of air distribution, ventilation, air control and energy recovery.

Manufacturers    Products
Acme Manufacturing Corp.    Intake and exhaust vents, penthouses.
Acudor Products, Inc.    Access doors, floor hatches, roof hatches & smoke vents.
A-J Manufacturing Co.    Stainless steel registers and grilles.
ALLTHREAD    Wide selection of in-stock threaded rod or "all thread" in a variety of materials, finishes, threads and sizes.
ALP Lighting    Plastic and aluminum egg crates.
Architectural Grille - Div. of Guimenta Corp.    Custom finished grilles.
Arrow United Industries - A Mestek Company    Air control, fire, smoke and combination dampers, louvers, industrial dampers, architectural screens, doors and brickvents.
Atco Rubber Products, Inc.    Insulated & uninsulated flexible duct
Brasch Manufacturing Co.    Gas sensors/alarms & ventilation control - carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and refrigerants.
Broan Mfg.Co.    Ventilation fans, heater & combination units, hoods.
Capital Coil    HVAC Coils.
Carlisle Hardcast    Duct Sealants and Adhesives.
Carnes Co.,Inc.    Grilles, registers, diffusers, VAV terminal boxes, slot diffusers, linear bar grilles, security grilles & registers, laminar & radial flow diffusers, power roof & wall exhausters, propeller fans, gravity relief & intake hoods, utility sets, energy recovery wheels and vents, steam humidifiers.
Cierra Products - A Babcock-Davis Co.    Access panels, smoke vents, roof hatches & floor hatches, expansion joints.
Commercial Acoustics    Sound attenuators, acoustical louvers, transfer silencers & industrial silencers.
Composite Fan Technology    FRP centrifugal fans for corrosive industrial and commercial applications.
Dayus Register    Aluminum registers & grilles.
Delhi - A Canarm Co.    Forward curved double width, double inlet blowers, backward inclined double width, double inlet blowers, inlet duct blowers, exhaust and make up air units, belt & direct drive utility blowers, plenum fans, positive pressure utility sets.
Ductmate Industries    Rectangular duct connectors systems, trapese connector systems, flat oval duct connection systems, vane & rail, duct sealers & connector
Empire Ventilation    Gravity caps, rotary & stationary turbine ventilators.
Enviro Fan    Commercial heat reclamation fans.
Fabric Duct Systems, Inc.    Fabric duct air distribution systems, permeable & non-permeable woven polyester cloth.
Fantech    Direct driven propeller, in-line centrifugal, and roof exhaust fans with optional speed controllers, air curtains, energy recovery units.
Flexmaster, USA, Inc.    Acoustical insulated flexible duct, high & low pressure flexible duct, stainless steel clamps, access doors, sheet metal fittings.
Floaire    Centrifugal & axial exhaust fans, direct fired & indirect fired heaters, make-up-air units, commercial kitchen ventilation systems, exhaust hoods.
Greenseam Industries    Pipe & Fittings.(LOCAL 19 WAGE EQUALIZED).
General Products    Air jet gas vent & all fuel chimney.
Gustafson Div of Linx Industries    Union made spiral duct (single & double wall), flat oval (single & double wall), gasketed (G-3) fittings.
Hart & Cooley    Grilles, registers, diffusers, spiral grilles, residential grilles, B-vent.
Hranec Corp.    Curbs & equipment supports, spiral duct & fittings.
Kirk & Blum    Component parts for air systems.
Leading Edge - Div. Marley Engineered Products    Air curtains, paddle fans, ceiling & air circulators.
Lima Register Co.    Grilles, registers & diffusers.
Lloyd Industries    Control dampers, fire dampers, access doors, louvers, ceiling radiation dampers, combo fire/smoke dampers, roof curbs.
Mars Air Doors    Electric, steam, hot water, gas-fired heated and unheated air curtains.
Masterduct USA Inc.    High, medium and low temperature fabric hoses for hot gases, corrosive fumes; air movement, vehicle exhaust, material handling, dust collection, toxic fumes & food & pharma.
Milcor Inc.    Smoke hatches, drywall access doors, roof hatches, roof & smoke vents.
Panasonic    Ultra quiet energy star rated exhaust fans.
Pate Company    Roof curbs & vibration isolators, equipment supports & bases, expansion joints, pipe roller supports, skylights, hatches, smoke vents, pipe curb assemblies, pipe seals & dektites.
Patterson Fan Co.    HVLS ceiling fans and high velocity fans.
Peerless Blowers    Centrifugal Ventilation & Exhouse Blowers.
Polyken - Div. of Kendal    Foil & cloth tapes.
Portals Plus    Roof flashing systems.
Q-mark - Div. of Marley Engineered Prod.    Electric heating and ventilation products.
Raymon Donco Air Distribution Equipment    Linear slot & plenum boot diffusers, laminar & radial flow diffusers, clean room diffusers, grilles, registers, diffusers, architectural curved linear slot diffusers, insulated distribution plenums & adapters, lay in diffusers, VAV boxes.
Raywall Comfort Conditioning Prod - Div. TPI    Electric baseboard, unit heaters, wall and ceiling heaters, explosion proof and wash-down heaters, sill line convectors, electric duct heaters and fan coil units.
Reliable Metal Products, Inc.    Extruded aluminum grilles, registers, diffusers and architectural louvers.
Roof Products & Systems    Roof curbs, equipment rails, expansion curbs, pipe mounting pedestals, pipe portal systems & duct monitoring pedestals.
Rooftop Systems, Inc.    Commercial Concentrics, commercial ERV's, commercial economizers, hail & coil guards, specialty diffusers, air filtration systems.
Schwank    Gas-fired infrared heaters.
Softaire Diffusers, Inc.    Energy-efficient ceiling diffusers.
Soler & Palau    Centrifugal roof & wall exhausters, propeller roof & wall fans, utility sets, centrifugal filtered supply fans, inline fans, gravity ventilators, energy recovery units.
Southwark Mfg.    Pre-fabricated pipe and duct fittings.
Sterling HVAC Products    Gas-fired indoor heating equipment, make-up air units, air rotation.
Sunvent Corp.    Aluminum brick vents.
Superior Rex    Fan coils, blower coils, & air handlers.
Thermal Products    Thermally powered VAV diffusers and electronic VAV and air distribution products.
Tuttle & Bailey Inc    Grilles, registers, diffusers, fan powered boxes, VAV boxes, laminar & radial flow diffusers, linear slot diffusers, security grilles, linear bar grilles, architectural linear slot diffusers.
Tyton Corp.    Adjustable clamps & tools.
United Enertech    Louvers, dampers, roof vent products, remote control dimpers, drop plenum box diffusers, concentric supply/return diffusers.
US Duct    Industrial duct & ductwork solutions.
Ventaire    Vehicle exhaust systems, welding systems, fume/dust collection.
Warren Technologies    Electric duct heaters.

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